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Hunting Deer In Australia
Hunting deer in Australia is considered one of the greatest hunting challenges for hunters all over the world, spawning a number of professional associations and hunting clubs in the areas where deer hunting has become popular. There are numerous areas around Australia where enterprising hunters can stalk one of the six native species of deer for sport, as long as they behave responsibly and with consideration to the wildlife in the area where they are hunting. Hunting deer in Australia takes knowledge, skill, ethics, and a deep love of the outdoors to be successful, as thousands of hunters discover each year.

There are six native species of deer that are acceptable for hunting in Australia. One of the most prevalent is the Sambar deer, found mainly in areas of New South Wales and Victoria and continuously extending its range into other areas of Australia. Sambar deer are more difficult to hunt than many other types of deer because of their low population density and ability to stand perfectly still for long periods of time without any movements to attract the notice of hunters or predators.

Other common species of deer available for deer hunting in Australia include the Rusa deer (found mainly in New South Wales), the Indian Spotted deer (specific to North Queensland), the Hog deer, the Red deer, and the Fallow deer. Each of these deer species can be found in a specific area of Australia and are legal to hunt during the regular hunting season. Each species can be hunted using either a firearm or a bow.

If you wish to hunt deer in Australia, you will need to purchase a deer hunting license. The deer hunting license can be purchased from the Department of Natural Resources & Environment and is valid for hunting all available species of deer. International visitors will also need to purchase an International Visitor Firearm Permit and a Customs Import Permit if they would like to bring their own firearms to hunt with.

When hunting deer in Australia, it is recommended that you hunt with a large caliber rifle. In fact, it is illegal to hunt some species of deer with anything less than .270 caliber. These restrictions are in place to ensure that each deer is dispatched humanely and quickly, avoiding the danger and distress of wounded animals crashing through the forest.

It is also legal to hunt deer in Australia with a bow, as long as the bow meets certain specifications. There are different specifications for each type of bow that can be used for hunting deer, including a long bow, a cross bow, a recurved bow, and a compound bow. The arrows used for hunting deer must be broad-head with no less than two sharpened cutting blades.

The best time to hunt deer in Australia is April through August, as that is when most of the species of deer can be hunted. It is only legal to hunt Hog deer during the month of April and Rusa hunting season begins in May, which are the only exceptions as all of the rest are available throughout that entire period of time. Purchasing a hunting license covered all of the deer that are in season at that particular time, so hunters do not have to purchase separate hunting licenses to hunt different species of deer in Australia.

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