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Australia Hunting Guides

For individuals that are interested in hunting in Australia, an Australia hunting guide may come in handy for a number of reasons. An Australia hunting guide can assist the hunter in identifying different species of game, locating the best areas to hunt, and discovering the best ways to find and stalk your quarry. There have been many hunting guides written about different areas of Australia over the years and each of them provides valuable information that can increase the success rate of the hunter. Here's 5 Hunting Guides that everyone should have their bookshelf;

The Australian Hunter: a Comprehensive Guide to Game, Equipment, Hunting and Photography
by Col. Allison and Ian Coombs

The Australian Hunter was written to assist the hunters of Australia in correctly identifying different types of game animals and provides detailed information about where and how each species can be found. The information contained within the book is supplemented with line drawings, photographs, and maps that further explain the habitats of each game animal and how to locate them. At 212 pages long, the Australian Hunter is very adept at placing a large amount of information in a small amount of space.

A Guide To Fox Hunting In Australiaby D.F. Cameron-Kennedy

Many hunters in Australia have chosen to hunt the feral foxes that roam the land, but hunting foxes can be tricky if the hunter does not have the correct information. This is where A Guide To Fox Hunting In Australia can help the hunter a great deal, providing information about how to identify different types of foxes, where to find the foxes, and the best techniques for flushing them out of their hiding places. The book is short, only 44 pages long, but that is plenty of length to give hunters the information that they need.

A Field Guide To Central Australia By Penny Van Oosterzee

Being able to identify the numerous varieties of wildlife and plants in Australia can be a difficult task, but that task is made easier with A Field Guide To Central Australia. With many colorful illustrations and complete information about the flora and fauna that can be found in the area, the field guide would be helpful to hunters and nature watchers alike. A Field Guide To Central Australia is nearly 200 pages long and contains photography by Reg Morrison.

Australia’s Most Deadly & Dangerous Beasts– by Bruce Thompson

This book is a must have guide for any hunters that will be walking through the bush or forested regions of Australia. There are many poisonous animals and insects to be found in Australia’s great outdoors and being able to identify them before an incident occurs may save the hunter’s life. Australia’s Most Deadly & Dangerous Beasts contains many color illustrations and photographs to assist in the identification of the dangerous denizens of Australia.

Tracks, Scats, and Other Traces– by Barbara Triggs

This comprehensive field guide allows hunters to identify game animals without ever seeing them. Being able to analyze the tracks and scat left behind prior to the hunter’s arrival will give the hunter a better idea of where the animals are traveling, eating, and sleeping, all valuable information when the hunter is attempting to outwit their quarry and obtain a shooting position. Any information that can be applied to the hunt will increase the success of the hunt and this field guide will assist the hunter in making a positive identification of the animals they are tracking.

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